JOĆO PINTO Joćo Pinto is based in Northern Portugal. By 1991 Joćo began experimenting with Decorative Arts such as Multi- Media, 3D and Ceramics. He began painting in 1993 and in 1998 he started to create his Ceramic Murals. Such was the demand for his work he focused his artistic creativity exclusively on his ceramic work.

Following this period in 2001 he expanded his range of skills to incorporate ceramics, painting and mixed media and began to work jointly with many other artists. Now his paintings are all textured mixed acrylics and oil on canvas. In many paintings he has also incorporated his ceramic artistry by producing stunning integrated glass and paint effects.

Many of his works are constructed of multiple pieces giving separation at the same time allowing perception to combine into the singular. His large diptychs and triptychs provide linkage and coordination of colour and design demonstrating their heritage and "homage" to the loft living space era which produced centrepieces set in large spaces and connecting objects in a minimalist environment. Pinto’s works are innovative in style but clearly he owes a debt to cutting edge contemporary abstract artists such as Antonio Tapias of Barcelona.

His paintings are produced by building layer upon layer using mixed media, leading to a blending of line, abstraction, texture and colour. His final creations combine art that is not only very contemporary in design but also decorative for any home or workplace.